Technical reference

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    Technical specifications
  • Sensor type
    CMOS – BSI
  • Focal length
    32mm (full-frame equivalent)
  • Lens cover
    integrated, sliding (on/off)
  • Aperture
    ƒ/1.8 adjustable down to ƒ/11 (6-blade iris)
  • Shutter button
  • OLED
    Settings display, touch control
  • ISO range
    From 100 ISO to 51200 ISO (Hi 2)
  • Shutter speed
    1/20000 to 30 s
  • Image stabilization
    Electronic (for video)
  • Photo modes
    Auto, Sports, Portrait, Landscape, Night, Program, Aperture/Shutter Priority, Manual
  • Video modes
    1080p @ 30 fps – 720p @ 120 fps – Manual 1080p @ 30 fps
  • File formats
    .JPG, .DNG, .DXO (SuperRAW™), .MOV (H.264)
  • Focusing range
    20 cm – infinity
  • Autofocus
    Contrast-detection, using face detection
  • Focusing modes
    Single-shot, continuous, tap-to-focus, manual
  • Metering modes
    Spot, center-weighted, multi-zone
  • Zoom
    Digital 3×
  • Micro USB port
    USB 2 (power charging, mass storage connection)
  • Lightning connector
    Retractable/collapsible, ±60° rotation
  • Screen size
    Varies, depending on connected iOS device
  • Screen resolution
    Varies, depending on connected iOS device
  • Storage type
    microSD UHS-I U3 (not included)
  • Orientation
    Gyroscope + accelerometer
  • Battery type
    Integrated lithium-ion
  • Battery life
    ~ 200 photos
  • Weight
    108 g/3.8 oz.
  • Dimensions
    67,5 x 48,85 x 26,25 mm
  • Compatibility
    Devices listed in section 7.7“Compatibility”.
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    Safety precautions

Before you use your DxO ONE camera, it is important that you read this safety information. Keep this safety information for future reference.

Precautions concerning transporting, using, and cleaning your DxO ONE:

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    Integrated battery: the lithium-ion battery in your DxO ONE cannot be replaced. Do not attempt to access it or replace it. This would risk damaging it, which could cause overheating and risks of injury. Ensure you abide by local regulations concerning disposal of the DxO ONE. Do not discard it with household refuse.
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    Water damage: The DxO ONE is not waterproof and must not be used underwater or in a damp environment. Do not allow the DxO ONE to come into contact with water, dust, sand, or salt, which could impair its functioning. Wipe the DxO ONE to dry off any droplets of water or rain. If your DxO ONE comes into contact with water or other liquids, this may cause short-circuiting, fire, or electric shock.
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    If your DxO ONE’s connector gets wet, do not insert it into your iPhone or iPad. This could damage your DxO ONE as well as the iPhone or iPad you are using.
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    If your iPhone or iPad port is wet or dirty, do not attach your DxO ONE to it.
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    Do not handle the power adaptor with wet hands. You risk getting an electric shock.
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    USB cable and power adapter: use only the USB cable and power adapter for your iPhone. Using any other adapter could present risks of fire, damage to your DxO ONE, or injury. Using a damaged cable or power adapter could led to fire, electric shock, or injury, and could damage your DxO ONE. Do not attempt to dismantle the USB cable or the power adapter, this could cause injury.
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    Cleaning the DxO ONE: for cleaning the DxO ONE, do not use substances containing solvents, alcohol, or benzene. To remove dust from the lens, use the cloth intended for this purpose that comes with your DxO ONE.
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    Operating conditions: use the DxO ONE at temperatures between 32 °F and 104 °F.
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    Other precautions: do not expose the DxO ONE to high temperatures, for example in a car in full sun. High temperatures can cause the DxO ONE to malfunction.
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    Repairs: do not attempt to dismantle or repair your DxO ONE. It contains small parts that can cause risks of suffocation or injury.
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    Driving: do not use your camera while driving. Driving while using an electronic camera may be illegal and puts you in danger, leading to an additional risk of accident, damage, serious injury, or death, for you and for others.
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    Warning: do not dispose of your DxO ONE in a fire. This could lead to an explosion, damage, serious injuries, or death.
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    Using your DxO ONE camera with other devices: only use your DxO ONE with approved, certified devices. Connecting your DxO ONE to other devices could damage your DxO ONE and the device you connect it to.