Your DxO ONE

The DxO ONE is a connected device designed to vastly expand the photo- and video-taking abilities of your iPhone or iPad. The DxO ONE is both an add-on and a stand-alone camera that can take both photographs and videos. The device is equipped with a larger sensor and a wide-aperture lens in order to better capture the light and reduce the depth of field. It can take high-quality photos in low light and produce portraits with an elegantly soft background.

The DxO ONE is compact and light-weight and can be mounted directly onto the iPhone. It can also be used independently or connected to the iPhone via Wi-Fi, providing users with maximum flexibility.

As easy to use as the iPhone’s built-in camera, the DxO ONE also offers advanced possibilities worthy of a professional camera. You can turn off the camera’s advanced automation feature, which detects the optimum settings to use, so you can manage exposure, color palette, and other settings yourself. The most advanced users can save RAW and SuperRAW (a compilation of several shots) files to maximize their editing possibilities.

A whole range of accessories (waterproof housing, mounts, filters, etc.) designed to further expand what you can do with the DxO ONE is also available for purchase.