Capture screen
Getting started

The DxO ONE application puts all the controls for using your iPhone to operate the camera at your fingertips.
Controls for taking photos are grouped together in the left column. Capture mode selection and shooting settings can be accessed via the buttons on the right.

To take a photo, you can use the shutter button on the DxO ONE, the iPhone volume buttons, or the bottom left-hand screen button (this button also lets you instantly switch to video capture mode).

By default, the DxO ONE application opens in automatic capture mode (AUTO) and saves the photos as RAW + JPEG.

The JPEG files are produced automatically from the RAW files, which makes them available at once for distribution or sharing via the services available on your iPhone (e-mail, social media, Web galleries, etc.).

Unlike a JPEG file, a RAW file is a raw file that will allow you optimum, high-quality processing in DxO programs (PhotoLab, Connect, or FilmPack). In point of fact, RAW files have extended processing latitude, while the JPEGs produced by the DxO ONE are already-processed images ready to be distributed or shared.
To find out more about RAW files, see section “File format and managing RAW files”.