Auto video mode
Recording videos

To use the DxO ONE in video mode, change the shutter button on the screen from the photo icon to the video icon.
The shutter button on the screen will change to Video mode.

By default, video recording starts in HD and Automatic mode (1080p, 30 f/s). You can also switch to Manual mode or Slow-Motion mode.
To start recording, press either the shutter button (video icon) on the iPhone screen, or the shutter button on the DxO ONE. The application shutter button will turn red when recording, and the application will display the elapsed time. The DxO ONE OLED screen will show a flashing dot to show recording is taking place.

In video mode, the camera automatically focuses on the center of the screen, and face detection is disabled.
We recommend focusing before you start filming, but you can change where you’re focusing during shooting by tapping on the desired place on the screen.
If you want subjects on different planes to be sharp, you can extend the depth of field by going into Manual mode and stopping down the iris to a smaller aperture (see section “Shooting settings” pour plus de détails).

In Auto video mode, the video recorded is in the H264 format in Full HD or “1080p” definition, i.e. 1920×1080 pixels, at a rate of 30 frames per second.